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Jab Tak Hai Jaan Crosses 100Cr. In 5 Days

Diwali Release Jab Tak Hai Jaan Continues Its  Successful Journey at Box Office.Now More Enjoyment For Shah Rukh Khan Fans,As Jab Tak Hai Jaan(JTHJ) Collected 102.3crs Worldwide In Just 5 days beating Ek Tha Tiger's Worldwide Record of 98.8cr(5 Days Collection).

Making some great collections at the domestic box office, JTHJ has also scored large at the overseas box office. The movie grossed over 32cr. at the overseas box office in just 5 days In 600 Screens. This proves that Shah Rukh Khan is still a winner at the overseas box office. The King of Romance has 15 overseas hits (between 2000 and 2011) to his cap and Jab Tak Hai Jaan is sure to add another feather to it.

JTHJ Collected 100cr Worldwide In 5 Days
JTHJ Collected 100cr Worldwide In 5 Days
The Yash Chopra directed film has made about 71 Crores in its 5 days run at the domestic box office. It is only a matter of time before the Bollywood Biggie emerges to be a hit.

Due to The Sad Demise Of Bala Thackrey Saturday's Business Was Affected By 1-2Cr As All The Theaters of Maharashtra Was Closed After 6pm & Managed To Collect 10.98cr Only(Confirmed By Komal Nahata)

The movie managed to hold up pretty well in most part of the countries, except Maharashtra where the sad demise of politician Balasaheb Thackerey closed down theaters. All the theaters were shut in Maharashtra towards late evenings .The state’s theaters will also be shut on Sunday which means the Jab Tak Hai Jaan will incur considerable losses About 5-6Cr On Sunday.

Here Is The Collection Update Of JTHJ 
Tuesday-: 15.23 cr
Wednesday-: 19.54 cr
Thursday-: 14.45 cr
Friday-: 11.17 cr                          
Saturday -: 10.98 cr
Total= 71.37 cr [INDIA]

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  1. Saturday's collection is 14.75 crore . please dnt put less numbers if you are not sure

    1. No Dear, Saturday Collection is 10.98cr Confirmed by Taran Adarsh & Komal Nahata In His Blog. It Was expected to be 13-14cr But Due to Sad Demise of Bala Thackrey Collections are Affected In Mumbai.

  2. satrday's cllction is 12cr and I'm sure

  3. satrday's cllction is 12cr and I'm sure


  4. Day 3 Idiots (Official) Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Official) Ek Tha Tiger (Official)
    Preview 2.5 crores –
    Day 1 12.5 crores (Christmas) 15.23 crores (Diwali) 32.92 crores (Holiday)
    Day 2 11.5 crores 19.54 crores 14.52 crores
    Day 3 13.5 crores (Sunday) 14.45 crores 12.90 crores
    Day 4 11 crores 10 crores (expected) 16.75 crores
    Day 5 9.5 crores 23.06 crores (Sunday)
    Day 6 9 crores 20.64 crores (EID)
    Day 7 10 crores 16.31 crores
    First Week 79.5 crores 137.15 crores
    Day 8 11 crores (New Year) 10.45 crores
    Day 9 10.5 crores 6.61 crores
    Day 10 12.5 crores (Sunday) 4.53 crores
    Day 11 6 crores 7.00 crores
    Day 12 5.75 crores 9.18 crores (Sunday)
    Day 13 5.25 crores 2.92 crores
    Day 14 5 crores 2.60 crores
    Two Week Total 136 crores 180.44 crores
    Day 15 4 crores 2.39 crores
    Day 16 7 crores 1.97 crores
    Day 17 8 crores (Sunday) 1.25 crores
    Day 18 3.25 crores 2.11 crores
    Day 19 3 crores 3.15 crores (Sunday)
    Day 20 2.75 crores 0.88 crore
    Day 21 2.5 crores 0.86 crore
    Three Week Total 166.5 crores 193.05 crores
    Day 22 2.25 crores 1.04 crore
    Day 23 3.25 crores 0.71 crore
    Day 24 4 crores (Sunday) 0.42 crore
    Total till fourth weekend 176 crores 195.22 crores
    Remaining weeks 26.5 crores 4.44 crores
    Lifetime Collections 202.5 crores 59.22 crores (4 days) 199.66 crores

  5. Get ur Facts STraight Guyz...
    Wikipedia iz der...

    Salmanz Ek tha tiger collected 100.15 Crores in juzt five days in DOmestic Itself (Overseas Collection excluded )

    JTHJ Five day domestic collection iz 72 Crores.....

    JTHJ lost way Behind Ek tha tiger....Accept the Game...n U have LOst !

    1. True Fact(JTHJ vs ETT)
      Ek Tha Tiger :- 3300 screens
      Running time - 2hr 10 min
      No of shows in 1 screen - minimum 7
      Total no of shows in 1 day inIndia:- 3300x 7 =
      23100 shows..
      Jab Tak Hai Jaan :- 2500 screens
      Running time - 3hr
      No of shows in 1 screen is 5
      Total no of shows in 1 day inIndia:- 2500x 5 =
      12500 shows..
      Difference :- 23100 - 12500=10600 shows
      So ETT had 10600 more shows than JTHJ in India
      In Overseas ETT released in 600 screens&JTHJ in
      650 screens
      ETT 600 x 7 = 4200
      JTHJ 650 x 5 = 3250
      Here also ETT got 950 shows more than JTHJ
      Worldwide 3 days collections
      ETT = 74 crores
      JTHJ = 72.5 crores...
      So ETT got 10600 + 950 shows more
      thn JTHJ and collection is just 1.5
      crore more than JTHJ.

    2. 1 more thing i didn't added is ETT was Realesed Alone & Banged... But JTHJ released with SOS which Affected Its Collection,otherwise the domestic collection will be 90-100cr Instead of 71cr.

    3. Perfect reply dude i m with u!! I think mine was the same calculation buddy ;) SRK is the best

    4. F**k you Mahn dont have Half half information u are taking Information like an illiterate !! seriously dude!!

    5. The previous comment was for Ameet geete

  6. to Reach 100 Crores Mark for JTHJ it will take another Three Days....BEt ??

  7. according to mr.Taran adarsh & Komal sir
    Ek that tiger 5 days- 100.1 crores[India]
    and Boxofficeindia -94.12cr [India]

  8. Ek tha tiger releases during
    Ramadan. That is before Eid.
    Technically, Muslims, especially
    the ones fasting aren't supposed
    to watch movies around that time.


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