Friday, 27 July 2012

SRK talks About sci-fi fantasy

The slew of big budget science fiction films like Krrish series, Ra.One and the upcoming Shirish Kunder directed Joker, mark the birth of the desi superheroes. Actor Sharukh Khan, who starred in one of the most expensive Bollywood film Ra.One, says, “Whoever helps anyone I think is a super hero.
Of course when it’s a movie, it’s larger than life, you can be in tights and help everyone without having a personal interest.”

The 46-year-old admits that the Indian response to this genre has been lukewarm, mainly, because of the audience is slow to digest the  over-the-top fantasies. He says, “So, this fantasia, so to say, or this leap of faith where the super hero is going to save you against the krypton, flying down and saving thousands of people is still too fantastic for us. Our fantasies are still limited to buying a good house, having a good car and having a regular job.”

He adds, “You know our villain still has to laugh in the same way to tell you that he’s a bad guy. So we are somehow not being able to marry this fantastic form that exists which should actually give you freedom of flight of fantasy completely. We’re still trying to- Let’s make it Ra.One because Ra.One is the bad guy.”

Watch Khan talk desi science-fiction movies and other tidbits with Hindustan Times entertainment critic Anupama Chopra to know more about the star.

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